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The GIN of Monastery of Silence.

A superior quality Gin produced with juniper berries from our monastery.

Our Gin is produced according to the ancient recipes of the monks with the Juniper berries of the monastery, famous all over the world for their particularity.

10 botanicals and the characteristic juniper of our woods are added to the cereal distillate. These territorial ingredients give aromatic and spicy hints of great elegance. Ideal product for mixing, enjoyable on the rocks.

Visual Examination - crystal clear

Olfactory examination - soft, round, warm with a complex aftertaste of botanicals attributable to the scents perceived on windy days in our mountains, delicate with lively hints of juniper and spicy aromas.

Gustatory examination - soft, round, warm with a complex aftertaste of botanicals.

Bain-marie distillation of the hydroalcoholic infusion containing Juniper berries and all the other botanicals (Bennet system), rectification of the distillate with the insertion of other botanicals in the "Gin-Basket" (Carter Head system). Dilution at 45°, cooling of the mass to a temperature of approx. -5, -8 degrees cent., 1st cold filtration, 2nd rinse aid filtration, rest before bottling.

To buy it, come to the monastery or buy it on our shop.


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