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THE MONASTERY GIN: the meeting between monastic tradition and passion for distillation.

Tuscany, with its picturesque landscapes and its renowned food and wine tradition, is a region rich in excellence that captures the attention of enthusiasts from all over the world. Among these excellences, there is our distillate: an Italian gin produced in the heart of the Mugello mountains, the Monastery GIN

What makes gin so special is its connection with our monastery, where the Monks of the Eastern Church over time have created a secret recipe that enhances its flavors and aromas. The fresh breeze of the mountains and the tranquil atmosphere of the monastery give this gin an intrinsic quality, a flavor that is a truly spiritual experience.

The recipe skillfully combines traditional elements with a touch of innovation, resulting in a gin that surprises and delights the most demanding palates. The use of juniper berries harvested by monks gives this gin a distinctive character and an inviting aroma that enchants every sip.

The Monastery GIN has been welcomed with enthusiasm by lovers of Italian distillation, who appreciate its artisanal quality and its limited production. This gin has become a true symbol of Tuscan excellence, a testimony to how passion and expertise can create truly extraordinary products.

Whether you are a gin enthusiast or a curious flavor adventurer, Monastery GIN is a must try. Its production in the suggestive Silence Monastery, with a recipe that has ancient roots, makes it an experience worth living. Prepare to immerse yourself in a world of unique and evocative tastes, thanks to this distillate that embodies the very essence of Tuscany.


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