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Become a founder of the Montecuccoli Observatory and you will have:
- Your name engraved on the astronomical dome and on the founders' register;
- A star in your name or that of a loved one certified by the International Space Register;
- The possibility of coming to us for observation;
- A free stay for 2 people (1 night) in our refuge "Il Vespaio" from May to July;
- 50% discount on the purchase of up to 2 bottles of our gin.

We study Alchemy and Spagyric sceince and therefore we observe and study the stars. Montecuccoli is an uncontaminated place with no light to disturb night observation. The "hill" above the Monastery is an ideal place.

We have an observatory on order whose Pulsar dome will help us find and study the stars also for spagyric purposes.

The cost is €13,560

osservatorio progetto

Become a founder:
there are only 60 who can be founders.

€ 4750 collected (on 14 august 2023)
on € 13

If you want to become a founder click here

cupola progetto osservatorio
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