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About us.

The Monastery of Silence belongs to the tradition of the Eastern Church.

The Monastery is a place of spiritual research and teaching, in the wake of early Christianity, immersed in the luxuriant nature of the Florentine hills, between Barberino di Mugello and Prato.

We were born in November 2021 on the initiative of Father Eugenio Bellocchio, a monk of our religious order, who from the Antrona Valley chose this wonderful place as the site of a great abbey project. Since then Father Massimo, Deacon Nicola, Henriette, Gerardo, Chiara, Sara and others have shared the project with their concrete work and their religious practices.

We are Christians of the East, Christians of the origins, because we place ourselves in the Tradition of that Church which was born through the Apostle Thomas in India in 52 AD. The Church developed in the Indian peninsula and in Mesopotamia and became in 410 AD. a recognized and consolidated reality in the Middle Eastern and Far Eastern territories, to which the most important Fathers of the origins of Christianity adhered. It had a great development and then split in 1552 forming other churches. We are in the tradition of the original Eastern Church and are currently recognized and within the Old Catholic Church (

We do not eat meat and fish because we consider animals sentient beings worthy of our love and respect.


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