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What is Transcendental Hesychasm:

Transcendental Hesychasm is a mystical discipline born among the first Christians of India (60 AD) and Mesopotania. It contains meditation, contemplation and practices.

Transcendental Hesychasm is the answer to all questions. Where do I come from, where am I, where am I headed.

Behind all the manifestations of a human being there is a desire to achieve happiness and it coincides with knowing yourself, knowing who you really are and what is the point of living in the world. WHO AM I ?

You are taught to know yourself BUT IT'S NOT THE POINT OF ARRIVAL.

This is only the first step which we call "Esikia" (Meditation)!

What happens next and who can participate in the courses?

We teach you the techniques of "Theoria" (Contemplation) and "Practices" which will be your direct experience with the Divine. No faith, just experience.

Usually people of all kinds and experience take part in our courses: from the veteran researcher to the person who wants to do something to find himself for the first time. The taught method is suitable for everyone and does not require any preparation or previous experience of any path. What one discovers is one's own Self, that is one's true identity, in order to then come into contact with the Divine.

Does Hesychasm belong to a spiritual path ?

Hesychasm, since the first appearance of Christianity and in the centuries of orthodox monasticism, is formally present as a meditation technique and, with many elements common to all the ancient spiritual movements, still today it makes possible the conditions for which the human being can implement an articulated path of self-knowledge and purification, and prepare oneself to achieve full self-knowledge and the state of union with the Divine.

The tradition of this meditation technique from the first Christian communities and through the Desert Fathers reaches up to St. John Climacus who on Mount Sinai bears witness to the close link between the Name and the breath. Through the ascetics of Mount Athos and the theory of St. Gregory Palamas, today he comes down to us in his precise and articulated educational path, returned to the context that gave him birth, i.e. the first communities of the Eastern Orthodox Church.

We can say that it is a practice of Meditation that connects our era to the very origins of Christianity itself.

Therefore it must not be understood only as a "technique" but is the source of a true spirituality of Being and inseparable from a deepening of the themes and context that made it possible. Once it was handed down only in some monasteries, real hesychastic schools in the world, but now some Masters are sent to spread this knowledge among the laity as well.

Hesychasm courses are divided into Introductory and Advanced. Lay people can reach the 10th degree of the 33rd overall.

We have filed the trademark to prevent misuse of dissemination without adequate preparation.

Can the course help me solve problems?

The inner path you take tends to what many philosophies and religions, including ancient Christianity, call "enlightenment" and therefore to find yourself, it dissolves and transforms many inner blocks, pains, problems, limits. Become a healing like no other. A return to the Light and re-emerge from years and years of confusion, illusions and disappointments to then, having found oneself, meet God.

Does everyone reach enlightenment?

Not everyone reaches Enlightenment, but everyone, absolutely everyone, experiences a profound peace and harmony with themselves and with life. The ability to relate to oneself and to others is greatly enhanced. Who realizes knows himself, brings a new eternal and wonderful awareness that gives something extraordinary for the rest of life. There is no fixed rule on who succeeds or who fails to make the 33 degree path, a lot depends on the degree of trust that increases during the practices and a lot also depends on the degree of identification that the researcher has with his own mind. its ability to detach itself to enter the heart first and then the soul.


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