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The Gospel used by the Monastery of the Angels which presents a Christ who loves animals like men.

The translation that we present in this book comes from a text contained in a now famous Judaic Aramaic manuscript. Textual criticism, and ongoing philological and palaeographic studies place it between the 1st and 3rd century AD.

To date, there are no published translations of this work in Italy, while in England an English adaptation of this text was published under the title "Gospel of the Twelve Saints, or of the Perfect Life" by the Rev. Gideon Jasper Richard Ouseley at the end of the 19th century enjoys a certain fame, which has exported it into many languages.

Today finally sees the light of day a translation from Aramaic, new, faithful and accurate, which can testify how this text rightfully falls among the pseudo-epigraphics of the New Testament, with the particularities that make it unique: alongside passages parallel to the canonical gospels, contains excerpts from them not handed down. Furthermore, being translated from the Aramaic language (the language spoken by Jesus) for the first time it makes available to scholars large sections of the canonical Gospels, written in the Semitic language. But not only. 300 pages.

The Gospel of the twelve Apostles

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