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The Monastery of Silence belongs to the tradition of the Eastern Church.

The Monastery is a place of spiritual research and teaching, in the wake of early Christianity, immersed in the luxuriant nature of the Florentine hills, between Barberino di Mugello and Prato.

The Monastery is the fulcrum of a community project made up of people, lay and consecrated, who have placed growth and inner research at the center of their daily lives and activities.

At the heart of all activities is the ongoing commitment to make the Monastery a place where people can embark on the process of self-discovery, helped and guided on their journey of expansion, exploration and expression, welcomed by the loving spaces and from the constant beauty that becomes meeting, nourishment, love in simplicity and fullness.

We do not eat meat and fish because we consider animals sentient beings worthy of our love and respect.


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