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Placed the Eastern Cross

The Eastern Cross was positioned at the end of the restoration works of the northern part of the Monastery complex.

After a wonderful job by our Henriette, the cross was placed on the east facade of the Monastery at the end of the restoration works of the places that will host the new church, the reception room, the organ room and the liqueur factory.

What is its meaning: the Eastern Cross is the cross of the early Christians.

It is divided into a vertical line and three transversal lines, two close together on the upper part of the cross and one lower down, almost at the foot of the cross, in an oblique position.

Each bar represents a particular detail of the moment of the crucifixion. The highest, narrowest part marks the INBI plate in Greek, corresponding to the Latin INRI, which stands for "Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews".

The central bar represents the open arms of the crucified Christ.

The lowest bar, also narrower than the central one, symbolizes the footrest, onto which Christ's blood dripped during the crucifixion. The raised part on the left symbolizes the repentant thief, the one towards the bottom the one who has chosen darkness instead.


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