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Visit us, the hospitality: The Vespaio hermitage

Stay and find peace!

It is a unique place, a hermitage inhabited by a religious community of hesychasts, where you can spend a time of peace and silence away from the noise of everyday life in majestic isolation in the Bisenzio nature reserve.

... where night and day many animals come to visit us. The Hermitage is a few kilometers from Cantagallo (Prato) and is known as "Cascina il Vespaio". It is at the center of a wonderful natural park and the silence with the great energy is what enchants the visitor. It has been refurbished and houses some members of the community. It has common spaces for prayer and meditation; classrooms for courses, meetings and seminars; a community canteen and a shop for the direct sale of our products.

A place of prayer, meditation and production immersed in nature and connected with the Divine. You can also stay outside of a retreat by booking and you can eat with the community, always by calling: 055 0106425 or by email.

The Hermitage of Vespaio is a perfect location for solo travelers and for all those who want to shed their daily habits in order to rediscover the most essential needs.

The rooms are monastic and can accommodate from one to three people. You can delight in our refectory of ancient and simple dishes bathed in superfine wines.


Exit the motorway at Prato Ovest and enter "tobbiana montale" on the navigator. Continue from the town for 4 km to the crossroads on a white road where "il Vespaio" is indicated. It is possible to take the white road up to the monument. Then you have to leave the car and continue on foot (about 20 minutes' walk) from the closed green bar (there are indications).

We can pick you up with the off-road vehicle by appointment at the crossroads from the paved road or at the green bar. To find the exact position of the junction on the navigator, enter the coordinates on the maps: 43°59'24.2, 11°02'27.1


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